The Almighty's Children

The Almighty’s Children is the fruit of forty years of ministry and biblical exposition focused on transformational children’s ministry. After serving for ten years as a Children’s Pastor and thirty years as the Founder and President of Every Generation Ministries, Daniel Watts outlines the essential qualities of a life changing ministry to children.

Building on a fresh understanding of the Great Commission and the importance of the local church in children’s ministry, The Almighty’s Children lays out five essential qualities of transformational children’s ministry.

Expounding on five principles in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Watts shows how these same five principles were evident in Jesus’ ministry as well as the Apostle Paul.

The Almighty’s Children lays a solid biblical foundation and provides practical steps for implementing the principles in your children’s ministry.

Learn how to:

  • Build a relational children’s ministry
  • Teach experientially
  • Bring Bible truth alive
  • Get children to talk about the Bible and their real life
  • Help children respond to God’s Word

Adopted by children’s ministry leaders in churches around the world these five principles, Relationship, Experience, Truth, Discussion and Response will introduce you and your church to transformational children’s ministry. The Almighty’s Children is scheduled for publication in late 2021. 

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