What People Are Saying

What Others Have to Say About EGM Institute

"Transformative ministry materials"

I have had the pleasure of knowing Daniel and Marla Watts for over 30 years. During this time, I have witnessed Daniel’s passion for children to experience Jesus in a transformational and culturally relevant way. It has been a joy to watch Daniel lead EGM to develop work in over 20 countries. I am excited to see Daniel’s continued support of EGM through his next phase of ministry, EGM Institute, as he will be developing materials that are essential to EGM’s ministry around the world.

John Nicholas

EGM Board of Directors

"Effective children's ministry"

I have seen firsthand the fruits of effective children’s ministry as I have visited churches who use the EGM methods. The creation of EGM Institute will ensure that the 27 years of children’s ministry experience is organized into materials and resources that can be used and taught anywhere in the world. EGM Institute will pass this vision on to the next generation.

Rick Fortier

EGM Board of Directors

"Unparalleled passion"

I have been honored to serve with Daniel from the time of being one of EGM’s very first members of its Board of Directors. Daniel has an unparalleled passion for children around the world. EGM is looking forward to the days ahead as Daniel serves as an ambassador for this ministry, sharing its values and vision both personally and in writing for his latest book entitled The Almighty’s Dollar – The Road Less Traveled in Fund Development. I have no doubt that the best days are ahead for this great organization.

Thomas Wilson

EGM Board of Directors

"Relational and inspiring"

Daniel Watts is one of the most outstanding Christian leaders I have encountered. A master storyteller, Daniel writes and speaks with wisdom, humor and reverence for God and His Word. As President of EGM, Daniel led the development of an extensive body of solidly biblical materials for children’s leaders as well as dynamic curriculum for church pastors and ministry directors. Under Daniel’s leadership, I have no doubt that pastors, children’s ministry leaders and church communities worldwide will receive helpful training and development.

Jan Kraushaar

EGM Board of Directors